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About Us

Limasol Finance and Investment Ltd., was established in 1999 in Girne, Northern Cyprus to provide direct consumer finance. By adding housing credit to its product range, it started giving financial support to its customers in this area. Thus, it further strengthened its pioneering and innovative position in the sector.

Limasol Finance is a financing company that provides credit services to institutions from many different sectors, including automotive loans, housing loans, consumer loans with housing, heavy vehicles, tractors, training, and motorcycles.

With its expert staff, innovative, dynamic business processes and technological infrastructure, Limasol Finance aims to provide fast, high quality and simple credit service to its customers all over the country.

Limasol Finance is a specialized financial institution that facilitates the purchase of consumer goods. Our company is a company that is aimed to play an important role in domestic and foreign market in financing of consumers and giving credit to them.

Investor Relations

Limasol Finance is engaged in all kinds of sales, investment and finance business. We provide all kinds of services for investment, sales, To conduct business analysis with domestic and foreign financial institutions, accordingle introducing financial instruments and solutions in this context.

Our goal as a company is to provide greater contributions to the problem of customer financing. Also, our basic princple is to provide financial services to the vendor, the manufacturer, the person and the firm that needs cash, and contributing to the provision of products and services to consumers in more favorable terms.