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Our Message


Our dear customers, shareholders, investors, business partners and employees,

Our company acts according to the financing needs of our customers;  the automotive sector, to become a home owner using the rent method, consumer durables, consumer electronics, services, education, furniture and similar sectors.

We are diversifying our product range,

In the automotive sector, we procure all kinds of vehicle purchases depending on weather its a new vehicles, second hand and/or needs of our customers in the retail sector.

In residential loans, mortgage-backed loans, motorcycles, education and other service sectors, particularly in consumer durables and consumer electronics; We are increasing our penetration in these customer segments by creating a difference with our business model.

We offer perfectionist customer service and efficient process management,

We have an evaluation infrastructure that meets original, flexible, efficient, uninterrupted and new needs of credit.

By regularly monitoring processes with reporting systems, we make necessary improvements constantly.

We achieve our sustainable profitability goal,

For strengthening our position within the financing sectors, we expanded our product range to be able to achieve targeted profitability goals with sure steps.

We would like to express our gratitude to our valued employees, business partners, shareholders and customers for their support as Limasol Finance.

With our respects,


Limasol Finance and Investment Ltd.,